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Freedom Access Vehicles Conversions and Accessible Wheelchair Vans and Bus Modifications for Taxi, Community Transport, Tourism & Disability.

Following on from the success of Freedom Motors Australia wheelchair access modifications and smaller private vehicles, Freedom Access Vehicles was formed to modify vans and busses for the Community Transport, Taxi, Tourism & Disability transit industry.

Freedom Access Vehicles modify standard vans and busses into passenger accessible transport and wheelchair accessible vehicles. We can carry out conversions on a wide range of models to create passenger, wheelchair vans and wheelchair buses and any other special needs type of modification.

We have many accessible conversions available. If it is the latest Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Hiace Commuter, Mitsubishi Rosa, Toyota Coaster, VW Crafter, Hyundai iLoad or iMax, VW Transporter, Ford Transit, HVA Glider or one of other van or bus conversions, you are sure to be impressed.

We pride ourselves to bring you something better then you have been receiving from you previous modifiers. No modification is too difficult for us. Our aim is to bring able passengers and wheelchair passengers to a more equal travel experience and OH&S is another priority of ours. We aim to do this by introducing new and exciting products and ideas to our customers.

So whether you require a wheelchair accessible van or a custom bus, our experienced staff will be happy to help you with any question you may have about our wheelchair accessible vehicle modifications obligation free.


STAY-PUT Seat Belt Buckle System

Read More... Freedom Motors Australia | Latest News - Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Conversions - Designed to keep a person locked in the seating position, this clever system was designed over many years of trials. The end result is a system that will keep a person locked in the car or bus seat while traveling. The clever buckle works as a normal buckle in normal conditions but can be activated so it cannot be unlocked by the person sitting it the seat while traveling. Locking and unlocking is done from a dash control box, and can control up to 3 buckles at a time. Safety features have been built-in. In case of an accident the buckles will release. The buckles will release when the vehicle power is turned off, and there is an emergence button just in case. Exclusive to FREEDOM, call us to have your STAY-PUT Seat Belt Buckle System Installed. The device will be launched at the ATSA Expo in Sydney on May 13-14 with demonstrations and a test unit on the Freedom Motors stand. Prices will be available soon: Interstate & worldwide customers welcome.


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Wheelchair Ramp Accessible Vehicles at Handicap & Disability Shows & Visits



Read More... Wheelchair Ramp Accessible Vehicles at Handicap & Disability Shows & Visits - ATSA INDEPENDENT LIVING EXPO 13-14 MAY 2015



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